Wealth Management

Insurance Expertise and Solutions

Insurance represents a significant part of wealth management. It is every bit as complex and diverse as investing and requires the same depth of specialized knowledge.

We provide our financial professionals with expert advice and superior products through our insurance specialists, Ash Brokerage and Highland Capital Brokerage.

Ash Brokerage and Highland Capital Brokerage give our financial professionals unbiased, open access to over 80 different carriers. Financial professionals are able to offer their clients term and permanent life insurance products, long-term care coverage, as well as disability coverage and fixed annuities.

Key services available through our partners include:

  • A dedicated team, from pre-sale case design to a dedicated case manager, ensuring that business is processed in a timely fashion
  • In-house marketing support
  • The Triad Advisors scale, which allows advisors to enjoy top payouts from day one
  • A full product line of life, disability, long-term care and annuities (both fixed and equity indexed)
  • Estate and business planning specialists
  • No proprietary products – only existing, market-proven products