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Industry-Leading Technology Options

Triad Advisors offers a range of technology options that you can choose from to meet your needs and extend the capabilities of your practice.

Core Systems

Our main broker/dealer system is Wealthscape®. It provides web-based access to your Fidelity Clearing & Custody accounts and many other vital resources.

Wealthscape is paired with a client access tool, Wealthscape Investor, which gives your clients a cutting-edge, web-based, paperless approach for personal account management.

Wealthscape Features

  • Web-based trading
  • Search and reporting
  • View real-time positions, balances and transaction history
  • Cost basis and gain/loss details
  • 10 years of online statements
  • Current tax year documents and confirms
  • Research, market data, analysis and commentary
  • The Fidelity Retirement Income Evaluator and the Managed Account Solutions Platform

Modeling and Trading Fee-Based Accounts

Wealthscape also helps you manage client portfolios using Wealthscape Fee-Based Tools. It brings together trading and account management capabilities with portfolio management applications.

Key Features

  • Block
  • Rebalancing/
  • Account
  • Data
  • Reporting

Wealthscape stores up to 36 months of historical client account information. We’ve found that it can streamline your business operations and dramatically increase practice efficiency.

Open Solutions for Today AND Tomorrow

The right technology choice can make operating your business easier. We don’t dictate – we consult and help you select the right tools for your practice.

Our technology team and partners can help you select and implement the right solution. And as you grow, we can help you transition to more robust and advanced systems. Select your own systems, and we’ll work with you to strategically implement the right technology for your unique needs.

We can help you select and implement:

  • CRM Solutions
  • Data Aggregation Options
  • Client Portals and Vaulting
  • Mobile Device Integrations
  • Research Resources
  • Forms/Workflow Management
  • Virtual Meeting Software
  • Investment Research Choices
  • Financial Planning Solutions
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Shipping Discount Programs
  • Office Hardware Recommendations
  • Website Hosting & Design
  • Portfolio Management
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Reporting Options
  • Data Storage & Backup
  • Marketing & Social Media Options

Triad Advisors' Technology Partners

We’ve assembled a selection of technology and implementation partners who can help you select, implement and customize the right solutions to improve your business operations.

Here’s a partial list.


A strong CRM system can be a powerful hub for technology integrations, data storage, marketing campaigns, and maintaining communications among staff and clients.

  • Ebix
  • Red Tail


A complete financial snapshot not only allows you to view additional opportunities, but leverages your practice as a vital information resource.


In conveying who you are and what you do, a high percentage of clients research a financial professional before ever doing business. Your website speaks volumes about your brand.


Staying current on market trends, products, news, and industry updates can be daunting in a world where information travels instantaneously.


Ensuring follow through is vital to building client trust and operating an efficient practice. High service expectations are often met through customized workflows.

  • Laser App

Data Storage & Backup

As part of a strong business plan, we encourage models that can survive any castastrophe as well as build the intrinsic value of your practice.

  • Smarsh

Porfolio Management

Triad offers a broad range of portfolio choices and a large menu of management options.

  • emoney


Every financial professionals develops a unique personal brand. We offer a variety of technology tools with numerous marketing techniques... all with the goal of building your value.

  • Broadridge
  • SocialWare


Providing a detailed financial picture can be an attractive service and can justify the importance of your expertise through clarity and management of expectations.

  • Black Diamond
  • Morningstar

Financial Planning

Illustrating an investor’s current behavior and potential scenarios can be a powerful motivator to take action or implement a product-based solution.

  • Money Guide Pro

Discover some of the many ways Triad puts our clients first with top technology solutions, and get more information from Triad.