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Fee-Based Flexibility

At Triad Hybrid Solutions, a robust menu of services and solutions is available. You have the ability to provide written financial plans, investment management strategies (advisor-directed or third party), insurance solutions, and retirement plan advice to your clients. Our consultants ensure you have a clear understanding of your options so you can make informed decisions about the solutions you would most like to leverage.


Hybrid Solutions offers multiple financial planning software options, a client-ready planning agreement, and an expedited (48 hour or less) review process to ensure you deliver a high quality product to your clients.


For the advisor whose value proposition includes the creation of investment portfolios, Triad Hybrid Solutions offers two account structures: Counsel and Ally. Counsel is an asset-based or "wrap" structure while Ally allows an advisor a fee plus transaction charge structure. The client and you determine the best option. Advisors may choose to manage client assets on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. You may utilize individual securities, ETFs, mutual funds or approved UITs, options or "alternatives."

For advisors who choose to leverage professional expertise for investment research, portfolio construction, and trade execution, Triad Hybrid Solutions offers an extensive menu of third party strategists. Advisors may use separately managed accounts, a unified managed account or mutual fund and ETF portfolio models. In addition, we give access to a true end-to-end platform that provides portfolio analytics, proposal generation, research and comparative analysis of managers.

Variable Annuity

Hybrid Solutions has partnered with outstanding fee-based solutions in the variable annuity space including Jefferson National, Nationwide, and Prudential. Declining expenses, multiple subaccount choices, rider availability and no CDSCs make these no-load offerings a viable way to avoid conflicting compensation messaging that can occur when selling VAs on a commission basis to an otherwise fee-based client.

Retirement Plan

Advisors who have recognized the opportunity and developed an expertise in the retirement plan space can utilize the agreements and partners of Hybrid Solutions to offer plan sponsors fiduciary services on a fee basis.

Best-in-Breed Technology

We dedicate resources to continuous industry evaluation and leveraging economies of scale to bring together a forward-thinking, flexible and sophisticated technology platform. Our integrated platform includes the most adaptable client relationship management (CRM) system, portfolio analytics, consolidated and performance reporting, and block and model trading functionality. Perhaps most importantly, we offer a single point of support for the technology we provide. You won’t bounce around phone trees or changing staff on "regional teams."





& Performance

Block & Model


Sales Force

Salesforce, the most flexible CRM system available, is the backbone of a system that acts more as an office assistant than an electronic rolodex. Embedded work flows provide simplified account establishment processes and documentation.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond, a leader in portfolio analytics, allows you to slice and dice your book of business, a segment, a household, or an account to give a deep dive look into what’s happening within managed accounts. In addition, performance reporting is available for all accounts. Combine the sophisticated performance metrics with investor-friendly functionality to help educate clients about their progress toward their goals. A host of report templates, as well as customization options, are available so you may present account information to clients in a way that best meets their sophistication and curiosity. Black Diamond handles daily reconciliation of positions and balances, taking the work off your shoulders.

For those advisors taking on the asset management functions, Black Diamond presents block trading, model and rebalancing functionality. In addition, you may choose to leverage the trading platforms available through our custodial partners.

Back Office Expertise

Our team is committed to timely, accurate and warm responses to your inquiries. We host training on a regular basis so your staff can stay up-to-date on procedures and best practices. We believe your back office experience should be a genuine pleasure, not a necessary evil.


Triad Hybrid Solutions functions as a single point of contact for all your operational needs. Our primary goal is to offer knowledgeable, timely, and pleasant assistance. Our team provides support for account establishment and maintenance and acts as your conduit to the custodial partners. Additionally, we handle the entire fee billing and debiting process. We calculate the fee, debit client accounts and provide fee reports for your review.


Work flows within Salesforce will assist with operational processes including account establishment and maintenance items. Integration with tools such as LaserApp ensures paperwork is as accurate and complete as possible when you meet with clients.



Triad Hybrid Solutions is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser providing your Investment Advisor Agreements, Compliance Manual, ADV, and Policies and Procedures. We ensure you are aware of and are able to meet reporting and documentation requirements. Our team of experts is available for consultation at any time and takes a common sense approach to industry regulations. Rather than working with a rigid "no" department, we take time to understand your need and work with you to help accomplish your goals within the framework of regulations, laws, and reasonable policies.

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You serve investors with independent financial advice. Triad Hybrid Solutions provides the tools, resources, and guidance to grow your unique practice with confidence. Maintain your independence. Own your book and your future. Contact us for an objective evaluation of your options.

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